Our Deals

Here is a place where you can save on funeral flowers. This section is still developing, so if you have liked some of our ideas in the Sympathy section, please let us know. We would be happy to create a set of items based on the arrangement of your choice at a lower price.


How does it work?

Very simply: if we use every single stem from a bulk buy for your order, we don't have a wastage. That way we can't lose so we can keep our price low, and you get all you've paid for. It's a win win.

Why not gather family and friends to order one of Our Deals? It's a hard time for you anyway and you don't need to struggle with money on top of that.

Our sympathy tributes are bulky, rich, custom made with love and dedication. The sprays, posies, wreaths etc. shown in this galleries are real works for real people.


Our sets start from 3,5ft of total size for the price of £60. Please remember that items smaller than 3,5ft can be ordered only as part of a bigger set.


Here's Our Deal pricing for sympathy set items:


  • 8"        £10
  • 10"      £12
  • 1ft       £15
  • 1.5ft    £20
  • 20"      £25
  • 2ft       £30
  • 2.5ft    £40
  • 3ft       £50


  • 3.5ft   £60
  • 4ft      £70
  • 4.5ft   £80
  • 5ft      £90


For example: a casket spray 4.5ft, a single ended spray 2.5ft, and a 8" posy - (£80 +  £40 +  £10) for  £130 in total.

Or a 3ft casket spray, 8" posy and 1.5 sheaf -  (£50 +  £10 +  £20) for £80.


In order to keep the cost low Our Deals refer to various seasonal flowers, white flower filler and green foliage - unless specified. As we are open to your suggestions, we will still tailor Funeral Deal to your request, whether you would like a basket, wreath, heart, a couple of smaller sprays and posies or specified flowers in a set. Please keep in mind, this is an example galery of what seasonal flowering may look like, although we will always provide the specified colours and flowers - lilies, gerberas, thistles or roses.  

  • Sympathy Deal 20: Red and Thistle set
    Sympathy Deal 20: Red and Thistle set
  • Sympathy Deal 30: The Rangers Colours
    Sympathy Deal 30: The Rangers Colours